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Forgive me if I am doing this all wrong but I am new to doing this on a computer. I am more used to walking through the scrap yard and get what you wanted. I have a 1999 Camaro with the 3800 in it with just over 200k miles on it. Still rain strong but overheated one day. I let it cool added water and nursed it home. I had water vapor coming out the exhaust. I check the oil and it did have the milky color. I then rebuild the top end. all new gaskets, including the head gaskets. I even cleaned the valve seat and new stem seals.
The engine seems under powered and lost of steam and will stall easily. I have not done compression test yet. On my first spark plug cylinder 3 seemed to be burning water. the rest was normal.
After all of that it is the same. I have read that these motors tend to leak at the intake manifold gasket allowing water into the oil. I need help with idea of cheap repairs or even a cheap engine (I would love to get a complete motor but I wouldn't shy away from an engine that I had to use my old alternator and such, just want it to already have the intake plenum and intake and throttle body assembly.

I was wounded severely while working as paramedic. The injuries ended my career.
I have three kids and a wonderful wife that have kept be moving forward with school to science to kids.

If anyone has a motor I would love to buy it. I do have to wait until sometime in august to pay.

I you can help with advice to test things I will any I can an post my result.
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