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msd or taylor wires?

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i just changed my spark plugs and the hard one we all know which one. the one by the downpipe well i couldn't get the boot off and what do you know it ripped the wire from the boot. so its time to get wires. so msd or taylor they seem the same but msd is a little larger and i little more expensive. which wires should i get, i want something thats easy to change the plugs with since my autolight 103's have to come out every few months.
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I've been running the Ultra silicone wires from A-Zone for over 2 years so far. No problems and the boots came off the plugs fairly easily.
Autolite 103

Why do you have to change the Autolite 103's every few months? I have them and have never heard of this. My car is a daily driver and has never been to the track, although I would like to get a run or two in sometime. What's your advice on the plugs?
i had bad kr when i went to a 3.4 so they recommended me 103's i used them. and now run a 3.25 and I still have 0 knock they are awesome plugs its just a pain to gap them from .030 or whatever all the way to .056. i was told you should change them every other oil change if you race them but alot of times i change them every six months or so. i figure you can never be to safe and spend $10 for some new plugs. its the install thats a pain. my car is also a daily driver and it seems to run great. especually with over 100,000 miles on it.
You might want to gap them a bit smaller. Non platinum plugs tend to wear the gap larger fairly quickly.
i just gap what i am told to gap. zzp uses plain 103's and they gap to .056 and i know zoomer knows gtps so i listen to what they say.
which wires should i get
We have had the best luck with Jacobs Electronics or stock wires. And we have PRJ wires on our Turbo Car.
I would stay away from the Taylors, they just plain suck. MSD's wires are also manufactured by Taylor, but the super conductors have a bit better build quality than the bottom of the barrel Taylors. The lowest measured resistance I've seen (even over the 10.9mm Taylors) is Accel's 300+ race wire. The low priced general Accel's suck, and will burn through, but the race wires are excellent. Wires on our cars aren't that bad stock (as long as you never disturb them) so either get stock wires, or go big (read thick & durable). Don't ever get solid cores, they are the freest flowing, but are only good for points or magneto's (and I doubt many people here even know what a magneto is...no offence).

I have Taylors on my car and hav eno problem what so ever. Also for added input ask anybody who races prostock mustangs and z28's or just tunes them up Taylor is the way to go and have been rated better then MSD, in many articles I've read.
I've got the MSD's on all of my vehicles and have never had a problem.
I like the MSD's of those choices...there is a set on my car right now actually. They work well and I like the boots.

I invested in some boot pliers and haven't had any trouble getting plugs wires off anymore. Only took me pulling plug wires once on these cars to never want to do it again without the pliers.
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