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Mods For Series I L27

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Hey just recently bought a 92 Buick Lesbare not knowing that there is not much of a modding scene for the Series I. I would still like to do some mods would like to stay NA. I have a budget of around 500. Trying to get another 20-30 hp out of it. Was thinking of doing a cam but cannot find one anywhere for the series 1 do the series 2 cams fit in series 1? Any input is appreciated, and no I am not going to swap it for the series II not enough free time to do so and this is my daily.
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Not sure how much you want to dig into it, but Yella Terra makes roller rockers that are ~$500-700 per set for 1.8:1 ratio (moderate gain over stock rocker lift ratio). Aside from that, you could route your own intake setup with smoother tubing and fresher airflow, and possibly remove some exhaust path restrictions without making it too loud/annoying.

There's also some Crow Cam options that I see listed by MACE Engineering for the Australian Holden vehicles with the Series I (L27), but that's going to cost a bit more, I'm sure.

That's a difficult transition era to do many upgrades without spending some money to update things. If you decide to do more than keep it running clean, let us know how it goes.

- Dave
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