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mid engine bug

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Hi guys. I'm new to the forum and will tell you about my plan. I would like to be re-powering and Porsche 914 with the 3800 but they have gotten hard to find and most in the north-midwest have serious rust. So I'm using a newer (non-running) bug (cost $150 with title) and mounting the engine where the back seat is...was.

I scored a 98 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi with the 3800 supercharged engine that took a hit in the rear and only had 70 k miles. The engine and tranny will be installed as mid-engine with new frame and rear (914 geometry) swing arm suspension (my design), that uses the GM hub housing and large front disk brakes. It also uses the same axle, CV shafts (but rear drive) for the rear of the bug. Front will be the Pontiac hub, struts and brakes, just no drive axle (unless I add electric in the future).
I was reading another post (mid engine truck) where the guy got bogged down in the computer and tranny controls. I'm going to get the wrecked car running and use it's computer. All hubs, since from the Bonneville, will have sensors and even the braking system can be used (so far I think).

It's just what I need to go along with my 4x4 deuce military truck build....painted camo or flat green....call it "bug-out"

Best regards and hope to find some interesting discussion, Tjoe
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