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This van was sitting for about 15 years. A couple weeks ago I decided to get it running. Sitting home avoiding Covid-19 gives you crazy ideas.
I had a new battery that fit it, the tank was full, I added some Stabil and let it set over night, changed the fuel filter and it cranked up. Aired up the tires and drove up the rode 20 minutes or so. It was running good.
It had 15 years of barn dust on it so I headed to the carwash and gave it a cleaning. I was looking out a hole in the dust, sort of like I had scraped a hole in the frost. I did not wash under the hood. Jumped back in and it cranks, runs about 1.5-2 seconds and dies. We can play that game all day.
I ran it by a local mechanic and he put a fuel pressure gauge on it and said the fuel pressure dropped as soon as it started. That sounded right so I put a new fuel pump in it. 42 psi with the switch on, drops to 38 as it cranks, Holds 42 just sitting. The engine sounds exactly the same, crank, run a couple seconds and dies.
That is where my knowledge ends. I don't even know where to go next. I need to get this thing going soon.

Any ideas, suggestions what I should try next?
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