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Edit: Everything is SOLD

Located in Rochester, NY
I will try and sell these local for a few weeks before I start shipping. I assume shipping will be expensive for most of these items.

Two Grand Prix 16" wheels, high polished torque stars$70 each
Seven Bonneville SSEI 17" wheels, chrome, original center caps included$80 each
One pair L67 heads$50
Eaton Gen V M90 (supercharger from Series III 3800)$120
Eaton Gen III M90 (supercharger from Series II 3800)$80
Series III 3800 L32 intake manifold$60
Series II 3800 L67 intake manifold$40
L67 throttle body$20
L32 throttle body$30
2001 Grand Prix PCM (compatible with 98-03?)$50

No Bonnie wheels left??
21 - 23 of 23 Posts