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Today I just ordered an LS1 TB kit from INTENSE. How would I go about putting the LS6 MAF table into my PCM. I DO have HP Tuners but I dont know how to use it. It works good for scanning but the whole tuning thing isnt working for me. Maybe Im just dumb. LOL

Any help will be appreciated.



I attached the LS6 MAF tables below. You need to enter the appropriate flow rate for each HRTZ ###. It Should be noted that this is only a Starting Point. You will need to fine tune it. I had issues of running lean at low RPM, you may want to offset everything by 1 or 2 blocks. by that I mean the LS6 MAF table goes from 1500htz - 12000hrtz. Instead of using the value in the 1500htz table use the value from the 1750htz table in your 1500htz block. that should richen it up a bit on the low end. and you will still have 2 blocks to spare on the top end (without having to extrapilate your own numbers based on the previous scaling) if you need to scale it more.

As I said its a starting point and it will need to be fine tuned. but for the most part the overall MAF curve should be smooth, anothewards no big gaps in the numbers as you go up. The overall gap does get larger as the MAF Freq increases, but you get the idea.

by the way the unziped file is in microsoft excell, it contains a schreened and descreened MAF table.


I don't use HP TUNERS, so I cant tell you where and how to find the MAF table. but I am sure someone else on here can.


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