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Lately it seems everytime I fix something on my '99 Grand Prix something else breaks. This year it was
bad tps sensor
cracked intake boot
broken window regulator
taillight filling with up with water
broken engine mount (replaced the trans mount too)
bad connection on the iat extension harness which I found out (fun fact)...when the iat doesn't make a circuit it tells the pcm its -40 out which in turn doesn't let the ac compressor engage

and now the latest, I lost power steering on it. Discovered my reservoir was very low on fluid. Filled it up, worked the wheel side to side incase any air got in the system. Didn't make any difference at idle, however bringing the revs up to 1500 it comes back. Assumed it was the power steering pump. I had buddy of mine whos a mechanic helping me change the pump and discovered the pump was not the issue, he found my rack is pissing out of the side seal where the tie rod connects to. At this point I'm just going to put it away for the winter to save up money and deal with it in the spring, however I am trying to plan ahead for it. How big of a job this is to do? Also any brand of steering rack you guys recommend looking out for? I am only seeing cardone out there for the magnasteer and I am not a fan of their products.
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