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Hi all.... was pointed this direction by Scott from Intense-racing.com..
Now i finally have a place to post questions with other experienced 3800 modders (not saying I am experienced :) but hopefully I will be soon enough)

Hope to chat with you all soon enough!

Later All - Jason
My mods for anyone interested:

2000 GP GTP (about to hit 80k milesL)

-Digital HP v1.0 PCM
-Speedbuilt Fenderwell Intake Kit with 7’’ K&N Filter
-TB Spacer and Heat-shield
-180º T-stat
-Autolite APP605 plugs <--wondering if i should go colder??
-MSD 8.5mm Superconductor Wires
-MSD Blaster Coilpacks - Gotta hella deal..so why not!
-Random Technologies 3’’ Down-pipe and cat with U-bend removed (still using 02 sensor)
-KYB GR-2 Struts x4
-Powerstop Cross drilled rotors <-Not a big fan of these..
-Casper’s Fuel-Pump relay Bypass kit (had the old resistor die on me last summer)
-Caspers V+ booster - Sitting in trunk waiting to be installed
Still to go---Dynomax Turbo-muffler cat-back exhaust system... (On back order for a few weeks now!! )
Wish list --- Half height intercooler (3800-perfomance.com)
Wish list --- Intense full roller rockers/springs
Wish list --- Intense Cam
Wish list --- Intense LSD
Wish list --- Ported TB/Supercharger or M112 Hybrid
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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