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Ok, I'm sure this is something that has been asked a million times on here and it's gotten old, I promise it's not exact, but here we go.

I did an L67 swap into an 03 Impala out of an 02 GTP, I know common sense it to just swap computers, I did and failed, with the GTP ECM in the Impala I get nothing (no crank, dash lights up, can hear fuel pump, etc) and a security warning, It runs with starter jumped, but dash is dead DTC,security, dash looks like a Christmass tree when it's running.
The L36 computer works on the L67 (I know it's running rich and boost is inop, I do know I have to wire SC bypass to #77 on the clear when I get to that point). I have the stock trans in it and am rebuilding the HD out of the GTP.

So, to my point and question, I have access to a Tech 2, and and wondering what I have to do to reprogram/if it is possible to program my ECM only with that since I can't go directly off VIN, only the engine with leaving stock trans etc till I get the HD rebuilt. (or swap difs over)

Anyone have any advice, tips, etc. I don't want to spend the $ for a zzp at this time and hoping I can make it work one way or another
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