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L67 powered Datsun 280z

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Hey guys just startin a project 280z 2 seater with a 3800 series 2 s/c with nitrous for a g machine... Blown up enuff differentials in 4t60e and 4t65e's to fill a 55 gallon drum I think. My 3800 pound 95 riv on a 100 hp dry nitrous kit was a solid 13 second grandma car but that transaxle was a @%#$%@# to change 400 times! My mission is breakin into the 10's in a street driven 2500 lb z car while still being able to drive to the track and attack curves like z cars do so well (Ive had several).. I got a 97 GtP complete engine im going to rering/bearing/clean and balance. Prolly gonna get a ported s/c from zzp and planning a 200 or so nitrous setup... Any suggestions for rwd trans options and pcm to make it all work? any help will be appreciated. Been runnin big block buick drag cars with my dad doin wheelies for years. Gotta evolve sometime i guess!
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Hey L67z we spoke on the hybrid Z forums. I'm planning on doin the swap in an s130 chassis. Lets pool our resurces together and get this jawn done!!!
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