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Hey guys,
I wanted to see if anyone was interested in my old L67 SC? I replaced it a few weeks back and I was thinking that some of the parts may be useful to some others be fore I scrap the rest. It has 183K on it, with a light knock when I yanked it out. I didn't feel like trying to fix just the knock, so I just replaced the whole thing. There are good parts on it so whom ever would like them, please shoot me a reasonable offer and a zip and I will be happy to oblige. :) I can take pictures of anything you want to see.

Some notes: I believe the engine may have a cracked head (rear) so I will not be offended at all if no one wants it, just figured that I would see who needs parts cheap. Everything on the top end is in really good shape, so first come first serve. Just let me know if your interested at all.

Also, I am selling my 16in torque star polished rims. They in good condition, but not great. I was hoping to get 350 for them- but I am open to offers here as well.

So... if anyone is interested, shoot me a PM or hit me back on the forum and i will do my best to repsond quickly. Thanks guys,


added 2-18-12: I forgot to mention that I have a wire harness and PCM from a 2005 GTP that I will let go of as well. Again, make a reasonable offer

update: 2-23-12 - I junked the block out and kept some of the parts that were good. I still have the SC and lim that I will let go for 400. I have two pulleys that will go with the SC, a stock and 3.5. I still have the wire harnes and PCM for the 2005, I was thinking 200 shipped. I will put up pictures when I get home so you can see what I have as I know picts help in selling. Thanks again
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