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Hello All,

I'm continuing with my N/A build, and have a question for you guys. I would like to do ported heads, a ported lower manifold, and bigger throttle body to help the engine breathe a little better. Would the plastic FWD or metal RWD upper intake manifolds on the L36, or the metal one from the L26 impede the improved airflow? If so, how much should I tone back the planned work? (Fleshed out below)

Thanks guys!

Current intake plan:
Maintain flexibility between FWD & RWD, it could go either way.
Head porting: MMS 3800 Ported Cylinder Heads (Stage II option)
Lower manifold porting: Ported and Polished 3800 Non-supercharged (L36 and L26) Lower Intake
Not sure about the exact throttle body yet, but I am considering going as large as a Northstar.
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