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Hello fellow Buick Enthusiasts, This is my very first post on here so just take it easy on me! I have a 2005 Buick lacrosse CXL key fob that hasnt worked for a year or two. I am in the process of buying a knew key fob. My question is... Is there a newer key fob that would be compatable with my 05 key fob GM/L 22733523. Again, I am completely new to this and I am just looking to do something different.

On a different note, I am looking for some good advice on an oil to use for my Buick. I have tried everything from conventional to fully synthetic and am currently using a Valvoline Synthetic Blend.
The reason I am looking for advice is because my Lacrosse burns quite a bit of oil in between changes. With that being said... The head gasket is fine and Im not blowing smoke out the back at all. again, I have went from conventional to fully synthetic and am not at a synthetic blend "high mileage" Valvoline.

The last 3800 series I had was a 1992 Olds Delta 88. I realize that the motor in the car is great. Im just looking for a couple tips on the oil to use... If it is normal for an 05 to burn the way it has and if anyone has any suggestions on upgrading my key fab. Again this is my first post and I am new to this forum so please go easy on me. Thanks!
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