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Intense 1X cam

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If I would get the Intense 1X cam package, what size pulley would I be able to go to. My current modifications are: 3" DP, U-Bend removal, High flow cat, FWI, and a custom PCM. Thanks Chris
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If it where me I'd put some headers on before I put in the cam. But, thats me. With the S1x cam package I'm running a 3.0'' pulley in temps below 65 deg. And a 3.25" in the summer months.
With supporting mods for the cam a 3.0 is very doable.
in las vegas summer heat (120s) i ran a 1x with ported manifolds and other supporting mods and saw blips of 1-2kr when the motor was soaked in the low 200s on the gauge. that was on a 3.25. oh and i ran a 13.3 at 109.6 .... definately a 12second car, just couldnt get it to hook worth a damn.
Thanks for all the help guys.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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