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This is a 2000 bonneville SSEi mods are: home ported heads, home ported blower, ported lower intake, 3.3 pulley, LS1 MAF, stock untouched throttle body, XP cam, 105# springs, ARP rodbolts, ARP head studs, ARP main studs, S2 IC, S3 FMIC, 3600 still, 300m input shaft, hard 4th clutch shaft, 3.69 gears, shift kit, E-Bay stainless headers.

Please keep in mind this this is on a stingy mustang dyno. To date the best pass has been a 8.4 @ 83 mph in the 1/8th on 245/50 nitto 555Rs that are ~3 years old. The 8.4 was on the low tune before going on the rollers tonight making ~279 WHP so I cant wait to get it back to the track with the new big numbers.

The curl in the graph is the car downshifting from 2nd to 3rd and that graph is with the real torque numbers. The graph showing the before and after is showing the right HP but the torque is wrong due to the RPM calibration on the dyno being off due to converter slip


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