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Hptuner ?

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Well iam going to break down and order the hp tuner ,but have a couple ques.
if you have a DHP or INTENSE PCM can you keep the parameters of either pcm and add or change parameters without messing up the other setting in the pcm? and does the hp tuners have skipshifts? thanks
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Hey, Mike, what's up? Just when I think you fell off the face of the Earth, you pop up again. ;)

I'm not sure if you already have an Intense PCM, but from what I have read, the HPTuners program will not be able to read your current DHP set-up. You will pretty much need to start from scrap, programming in all you want changed from the stock PCM. And yes, you can program skip shifts using it, you just have to know how. ;)
the HPTuners software can open the Binary files for your INTENSE pcm but not if you have a DHP. You can also purchase the binary files so you have something to start with.
I sold my ZZP/DHP PCM, ICCU, and LS1M and had a few dollars left over after picking up HP Tuners and a Stage 2 .bin file to start with...

My only regret is how long it took me to do this and not having it when the car was still together this year.

I was unable to look at the DHP...put a few minutes in attempting to...was able to lock a stock pcm the same way they do...but never got the time to try to reverse it before I shipped my DHP, lol...

Can you use a iccu with this? and yes jason iam still alive he he.. you going to mgm?
does anyone know if they have a hp tuner for a 99 gtp and where to find it


99 gtp
Mike, yes you can still retain the full use of the ICCU.

Bryon, i would check with INTENSE under the PCM/Electronics category, not certain if it is available for every year, but i assume it is.
I Don't think you can read DHP. If you have an INTENSE PCM you can read it and save it before making changes to it. We do this with our Stock file, for a backup, before making any changes. As far as skip shifts, you program them in where you want them. If 40mph seems to harsh you can try 39 and then 38.... That is the nice thing about it, making slight changes where you want them instead of a cookie cutter program. If you don't have an INTENSE PCM I would suggest purchasing the Standard Program for a nice place to start with Your custom changes.
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