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This is just going to be a thread on how I went about installing the HID's into my Spyder projectors, since I couldn't find much about how to do it on the internet and most of the instructions were wrong. These are instructions for H1 low-beam bulbs.

What you'll need:
A drill bit (I think 3/32" but I'll double check)
A drill
Some Shoe Goo or Amazing Goo (either works)
Some very short, very small screws (small enough to fit through the holes in the ballasts)
A screwdriver (shape and size depends on the screws you use)
Your H1 HID kit

First off, be VERY careful. If you mess this up, don't blame it on me. I did it no problem and I'm no one special. Proceed at your own risk.
NEVER TOUCH THE BULB. If you do, you need to clean it VERY carefully with 99% isopropanol alcohol.

Okay, what you need to do is take out your projector headlights and clean them up so there's no dust or dirt going onto the bulbs or into the lamp assembly itself.

Then, cut a hole about an inch wide into the protective cap which the wires go through and into the bulb. Be careful not to cut the wires. On mine, I was able to leave the blue wires in place without cutting them out with the hole. Next, fish your new HID bulbs through the cap, and make sure the rubber stopper on the HID lights fits into the hole you've cut. Run the black wire through the hole beside the rubber stopper and use Shoe Goo to seal the gap between the grommet and the cap.

Remove the HID bulb from it's protective casing, and insert it into the bulb socket. You shouldn't need to bore out the socket, the HID bulb should fit. Try not to hit the bulbs on the sides of the socket, and then tighten the bulb clamp to hold the bulb into the socket. Plug the wires that you unplugged from the stock H1 bulb into the spade connectors on the bulb harness, this will supply power to the bulbs. Put the protective cap back on carefully, and gently pull the wires to remove the slack and help the cap to fit better.

Now that the bulb is installed into the headlight housing, the next thing you need to do is put the lights back on the car, and then look for the small space right behind the inside corner of each light (the part of each headlight housing which is closest to the centre of the car, (SEE 1ST PICTURE) and stick the ballasts down in there with the wires facing up. Mark off the top of the ballast, and one corner so when you take the light back off, you know where it should go. Next, pull the headlights back off the car. Use your drill bit to make small pilot holes by holding the ballast right up to the mark you made, and drill through the mounting holes. BE VERY CAREFUL because there's lots of stuff inside the light which is not drill-friendly to say the least. One hole will be very close to an object on the back of each light (SEE 2ND PICTURE) but you shouldn't have any problems if your marks are in the right spots.

Now, carefully screw the ballasts onto the backs of the headlights. Use a screwdriver if you want to be extra careful. I put some Shoe Goo onto the pilot holes and onto the back of the ballast to keep everything extra secure. Now connect all the wires together, there really shouldn't be any way to screw this up because there is different pairs of connectors. Now mount the headlights back on the car, doing the best you can not to pinch any wires when you put the clips back on. Now, the connectors that come from the ballast will most likely be in the way when you close your hood, so tuck the black box under the frame (SEE 3RD PICTURE), and put the connector in the little corner on top of the light where it meets the frame (SEE 4TH PICTURE). Be careful when you close your hood that these connectors aren't in the way, because otherwise you'll destroy them.

Turn on the car, pull the headlight switch all the way out and then go look at your new HID's! Make sure to aim the headlights again now that you have different bulbs.




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