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Rustyroger from England introducing myself. Having owned 3 cars powered by Buicks venerable V6, and in the process of buying a 4th, I thought it a good idea to find a forum where I could learn a bit more and maybe even help a little myself.
My first V6 was in a 1978 Buick Century wagon, just about able to keep up with traffic and returning surprisingly good gas mileage. Terminal rust claimed it after a few years.
Next was a 1987 Olds 88, I loved the way it could run away from some supposedly sporty cars, and return amazing gas mileage if I was careful with my right foot, it was a good tow truck too, pulling my 1500lb caravan (trailerhome?) with little effort. I was made a ridiculous offer for it or I wouldn't have sold it.
Followed by an 1989 Buick LeSabre, seemed a little quicker than the Olds, a better ride but not so great handling with it's lower spec wheels & tires. Got totaled by a drugged up uninsured scrote.
Hopefully next week I will be the owner of a 1998 Buick Park Avenue. When it arrives I'll put up some pictures.
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