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I get e-mails form lots of people that think I know what I'm doing. This one is so long, that I frankly don't have the time to answer it all. I'll look forward to everyone's suggesstions, and forward him to this link...Here's the e-mail.


What is the fuel pump "hotwire" in your mods?

I like the way you help to contribute to the forum and how you are the "cheapnogeek." I would like your advice on some mods. My goal is to get into the mid 13's I have a budget of $1500-2500. I am only mildly mechanically inclined, and would prefer to have the labor done by a professional. (I can earn more money in the same amount of time it would take me to install whatever parts I need)

I am in California. My car description 1998gtp, has 90k miles, PCM, 3.25, CAI, ubend delete, 2 steps colder plugs tb spacer. kr averages 5 degrees WOT at 100 degrees outside temp. I do not want that Kr and am planning some mods. I don't want to sacrifice much gas mileage or noise for performance.

You have done well on a budget and that is very admirable!

options of Parts and prices available to me
Togs headers $750- coated (can install or pay for install- welding for $40)
PEMs and downpipe & welding $300 (can install or pay for install)

Engine/ fuel:
zzp cam and springs (90 or 105lb?) $450 for parts $800 for install, will install Exhaust upgrade at no charge (are stock pushrods and rockers sufficient?)
If I have the engine out wouldn't I want to do the timing chain and water pump and have him fix a slight oil leak for me?

You suggested a great deal of performance gain from doing a 3 angle valve job and bronze guides on the heads (local cost of $400) If I was getting a CAM would it be much more labor to do the Heads at the same time?

mini afc?

throttle body upgrade??? (will I get worse mileage?)

42lb injectors $200 (will I get worse mileage?)

rockers GEN 3 1.9 and springs 90lb and retainers $450 (a friend can help me with the install)

transmission upgrades??? do I need any?

Mostly I use my car for commuting and rarely get on it. I do have an auto tap. I can give you scans if they will help.

my thought is to go option 1:
rockers/springs $450
headers $750

total $1200

option 2
Cam springs and labor $1250 -1300 (+ timing chain and waterpump?)
heads $400 (add $100 for install labor?)
Togs $750
= about $2700

thanks for your contributions.

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I'll start...
The fuel pump hotwire is a relay and larger gauge wire to relace the fuel pump resistor. I have the piece that Casper's electronics makes, I did beta testing on it so the whole thing was pro-bono, but I believe it's costs around $60ish. It prevents the pump from gettin inferior power, and allows the pump to run better during racing. It has helped my consistancy quite a bit, and you have to love how well they integrate this into the stock wiring with no splicing.
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