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Hey all,
Im Racin' Jason(the original) and i am new here as well as new to the GM and FWD car crowd as well.
I just got an 89 olds cutlass (2.8 auto) and i am also an engine builder/machinist,so what i am doing now is going over to a 3.8* and late tranny setup. what i need though is info......
i need to know if the HP grand national Blocks can be used in our cars,and if or/also what is the biggest displacment 3.8 based engine i can start out with,(4.1 the same?(the buick)) well, if i can use the HD/HP blocks the GN racers do/did, i am going to build a large disp.3.8 style engine for my olds,get a complete fresh tranny from INTENSE with a good converter(using an ol' set of olds(84 442) lightning rods that i can make work-which i think is neat) and some kind of power adder besides the nitrous fogger under the sheetmetal intake im probably have to either make or fab unless theres a good EFI and Boost style intake for them tall deck-big inch 3.8 style blocks(i think i can find a 4.1 or a 4.5 L block they use w/GN's and then use a HTC stroker crank that will get us about 5.0 L or 300+ inches and utilize some JE forged dish(BOWLED LOL) slugs and go about 7.0:1 at the most with 2 power adders (BOOST & NOS).
anyway,anyone with real world experience or knowledge of what im spewin,please lemme pick yer brain as i need info,im in the planning/aquiring stage of this street sleeper project and am undecided in which way im goin so far!!!
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