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My GP was acting weird.
Shifting into D or R would kick. Sometimes when I accelerate from a stop, it's like the car was in nuteral than kick me into drive. Same for reverse. Idling was a bit shaky. The exhaust had erratic puffing noise. When accelerating from a corner, the RPMs where jumpy and the car felt like I was pumping the gas pedal.
I wiggled the injectors and a hissing noise could be herd.
So I replaced the O rings. 2 of the rings were torn. 2 were flat. The other 2 seemed ok. $10 set of O rings, less than an hours work, and now all the above symptoms are gone. It idles quieter. Shifting is smoother. Acceleration is quicker and smoother. Start-up seems stronger. No kick when moving into D or R. Also seems to cruise smoother from the engine.
I called a shop just to see how much for parts and labor, $125.
I'm guessing leaky O rings is a vacuum leak. I would assume the CEL would of came on.
85 miles and so far so good. 馃
We shall see.

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I'm thinking a vac leak at the lower intake o-ring seats, which will act like a vac leak from any other area.
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