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I have an intense stage 1 pcm for sale off of my GT. it includes the following:

Ideal for cars modded with mild aftermarket camshafts (i.e. INTENSE™ Stage 1 or 1X or ZZP VS) and the appropriate supportive mods - features speed limiter removal, cam-specific shift points (~6,300 RPM)** and rev limiter (6,500 RPM), proprietary transaxle shift behavior adjustments**, air/fuel adjustments, automatic enhanced ignition timing adjustments (+4°), knock retard decay rate adjustment, cooling fan control adjustments (160°), cooling fans on at key-off for 180 seconds, slightly increased idle speed (+100 RPM), elimination of random/multiple misfire, coolant temperature, inefficient catalyst, EGR and EVAP system trouble codes

please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested and we can work on a deal.
would like to get 125.00 plus core or 185.00 without core

thank you
Jon G
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