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Pictures located here, just scroll down the thread:


1.9 ratio modified rockers, brand new never installed after modification done. (SOLD).

DHP Power Tuner with Keyspan & Analog/Digital (SOLD)

ZZP Front Plog with black High temp paint (SOLD)

Ported Rear manifold with ceramic coating (used it on my regal but did not fit well, I think it's from a Bonneville). $150 plus shipping OBO

Home ported blower housing (inlet and outlet ported) the boost sealing surface on the inside of the case was not touched (that's good)!!! Blower case also has new needle bearings. $100 OBO.

Polyurethane anti-sway bar endlinks from GM's handeling kit. $10 plus shipping

Stock Rocker arms. $25 plus shipping OBO (good if you need them for cores)

Stock Alternator pully $5 plus shipping

3.25" press on supercharger pulley. I bought it used and never installed it. $25 plus shipping

Amsoil By-pass oil filter remote kit. Used this on a few of my cars, keeps oil very clean and I saw reduced wear with oil analysis. $120 plus shipping OBO
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