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Just wondering if there are any interest in a HEAVILY moded Grand prix?

This car has
60LBS injectors
PRJ Rails
GenV Blower with Intense MPS with 2.6\2.7\2.8\2.9\3.0
LS1 Tb
SLP Headers
Miezere WP "polished"
IS3 cam
IS3 Heads
Intense GenIII 1.7 adjustable rockers
LW Pushrods
CC Lifters
50% Balanced L32 Block everything imaginal done with 100 miles on it tops
Double roller chain
SFI dampner
400 stall conv
3.29 Intense trans with everything new
Walbro pump
Casper hotwire kit
18inch 077's
Slicks and skinny's
Eibach springs and KYB's

Probably fogeting alot but you get the point. Car ran a best of 11.82 without IC and a blown head gasket. A very nice car. Any serious offers I like to hear. Also would be interested in a partial trade on another GP, Monte SS, or Regal.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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