paint color: black
size: full-size
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
mileage: 92,000
Selling my running project. Health restrictions prevent me from continuing to upgrade vehicle. Current issues are shuddering during slow speed (parking speed) turns. Unsure of cause-suspect power steering pump, but could be anything including transmission. Transmission has a GM Torsion Locker and may be cause of shudder. Just don’t know, and very hard to find expert advise that I would trust. Also believe the electric water pump may be failing (recently had temp gauge read just shy of 200 degrees or mid gauge, while traveling about 80 MPH on highway. Usually runs around 160 degrees. Removed thermostat and still see temp above normal run temps). My intent was to replace water pump and power steering pump, but as mentioned above health has me limited on what I’m now able to do. Car is fully Tennessee titled, registered, and insured. It is drivable in its current condition. I have a lot of the original parts that were removed or replaced during the mods below that were completed prior to me purchasing the car. So I don’t know much more than I’ve listed here.
I do have some parts that I purchased to rebuild more of the front suspension (lower control arm w/ball joint, inner & outer tie rod ends, and wheel bearings-intent was to ensure front end bushings, bearings, etc weren’t part of the shudder)
If you have any interest or questions, I insist that you come by and look at car and I will try and answer questions to the best of my knowledge. I REPEAT, I WILL NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS WITHOUT A FACE TO FACE MEETING. TEXT ONLY TO SET UP A VISIT AND I WILL GIVE YOU AN ADDRESS IN FAIRFIELD GLADE. This is due to scammers etc, looking to waste my time with silly questions and offers. Price is firm!!! However I may consider trading for a small clean truck not needing heavy repair.

2004 Chevy Impala SS V6 3800 engine (was told 300 HP / 400 lbs torque)
VIN # 2G1WP551449453160

Engine Mods

Aeromotive Fuel Rails & Regulator
Comp Cams 105# Valve Springs
Gen V Super Charger
GMPP Cat-Back Stainless Exhaust System
Intense 160 Thermostat
Intense S1X Cam
Intense 2.8 Modular Pulley System (use a 680 belt)
Intense Custom PCM
Intense Fenderwell Intake & PowerStack 9" Filter
Intense 3800 Oil Pressure Kit
IRC Fabrication Intercooler & Heat Exchanger
J P Performance Single Timing Chain
Meziere Electric Water Pump
North Star Throttle Body
SLP Ceramic Coated Headers & Hi-Flo Cat
Yella Terra 1.6 Rockers & Pushrods

Rebuilt by Triple Edge Performance

4T65E-HP Rebuild- High Performance street/strip rebuild with GM Torsen Differential installed
4T65E- Upgraded input shaft
4T65E- 7/8" single upgraded chain with 3.29 gears
Reprogramed PCM for gear change

GM Racing Torsen differential
• Used in GM 4T65-E Racing’s FWD drag racing programs
• Tested to 900-plus horsepower
• In drag-race style, straight-line acceleration runs, this results in a
close to ideal 50/50 power split to both drive wheels
• In cornering, while accelerating out of a turn, the Torsen biases
power to the outside wheel, reducing inside-wheel spin
• Provides constant and infinitely variable drive
• Power is transferred automatically without the use of normal friction
• Extremely strong and durable, because it is gear operated
• No plates or clutches that can wear out
• Comes with new pinion gears already loaded


GMPP Rear Trailing Arms
GMPP Sway Bars 34MM Solid Front & 18 MM Solid Rear
Intense Polyurethane Front-Upper (Square) Motor Mount Pair
Intense Polyurethane Rear-Upper (Round) Motor Mount Pair
ZZP / Diagonal Braces
ZZP / Strut Tower Braces (Front & Rear)


Baer Decelerator Rotors
Hawk HPS Pads

AeroForce Interceptor Scan Gauge

• 04+ Monte Carlo SS
Pulley recommendations:
• 3.5 pulley for 01-03 GTP/GS with ZZP PCM, Tstat, colder plugs, bolt in downpipe, and a cold air intake.
• 3.5" for 2004+ Grand Prix recommended for cars with 1.9 rockers, Tstat, colder plugs, some exhaust work, and a cold air intake.
• 3.4" for 97-00 GTP/GS with ZZP PCM, Tstat, colder plugs, bolt in downpipe, and a cold air intake.
• 3.3" pulley requires a small cam or headers or any SS intercooler
• 3.2" pulley requires a XP cam or a SS intercooler with 1.9 rockers.
• 3.0" pulley requires larger injectors and a full size intercooler
• 2.8" pulley requires a cam, intercooler, and headers.
Bolt torque spec is 72 inch pounds

Possible trades could include small pickup truck with extended cab.