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exhaust question

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has anyone tried using an single inlet single outlet muffler where the resonator goes and just using 3.5 tips by 16in long where the mufflers go.......if so how did it work? also what about the same set up with a single inlet dual outlet muffler? just curious here. and cat or no cat? i only have a cai for my 99 gtp and soon to have a chip and smaller pulley.

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I run a stainless Magnaflow stright thru for a resonator, you can see it on my web page if you care to look.
I dont think its ment to be used as a tip muffler, but I suppose it could be. Some who have seen it thought thats what it was.
i think he ment only using one muffler.

I have heard it online, never in person, its sounded loud but deep.

yeah.......your right........only one muffler where the resonator is and then pipe and tips where the mufflers are now. has anyone got the site for the different exhaust setups?
has noone tried either of these setups and does anyone have the link to the different exhaust sound clips?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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