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Exhaust hitting swaybar

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I have an annoying little situation here. :mad: My exhaust is rubbing against my rear swaybar whenever I go over a large bump or pothole. The swaybar is stock but the exhaust is a 2 1/2" Dynomax. I can't really adjust the pipe anymore because I don't want the tips to hit my body kit. I've tried wrapping the pipe with heat wrap but the friction keeps ripping it. I will ofcourse try all these things again but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?
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You can flip your sway bar. I had a friend that was having all kinds of problems before, so we took it out rotated the couplings, so the sway bar was turned the other way.
does that effect handling or anything like that? I would think that would have some sort of negative effect. Maybe not...I don't know too much about suspension :D
No affect. At least not what I've experienced.
ok thanks guys I'll give it a try
i had to do that with my front sway, havent heard of anyone having to do it on their rear sway. I get a clunk as well i wonder it that is my problem as well? Hmmm?
I don't think the rear bart can be flipped in the same manner as the front. The rear mounts to the rear subframe rather low then bends sharply up to connect to the end links on the struts. If you flip it, the end links will not line up at all.

Since it's so far back you could try dimpling the pipe with a ball peen hammer a little bit, it won't hurt your flow at all.
k0bun, I ran into a similar situation with my Borla setup and the GMPP rear sway. Could hear the exhaust piping vibrating off the sway every time a stopped the car. :( Ended up using a couple of longer rubber exhaust hangers (purchased from the local Pep Boys) to drop the exhaust for some additional clearance. Hope this helps.
Thanks for all the advice guys. I'll take a look at my set up and see what's the best solution.
Duh! I feel tupid now. Didn't read the entire post to see it was the rear anti sway bar. As mentioned above, I doubt you can flip the rear bar.
I just installed my coilovers in the rear so Im somewhat familiar with our setup. Try to find some sway bar end-links that will bolt up that are about 1/2 inch shorter than stock ones. This will sort of rotate the whole bar up and away from your exhaust. When I first installed the new coilovers the links werent shipped yet so I actually bolted the bar right to the strut for the time being. Now Im not recommending this because the squeeks will annoy the hell out of you.
Now my sway bar links are 2 Heim joints screwed back to back.

Hope this helps and I didnt confuse you.
Damn I had read about exhaust hitting sway bar and assumed you were talking about the fornt sway bar. My just need to have the exhaust hung a little lower or something..
I will try and lower it a little but I have the RAZZI body kit so I don't want the tips to hit the cut outs in the rear bumper. It's going to be kind of a trial & error fix. I just wanted to get some opinions.
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