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Hello everyone,
I bought a 1999 Buick Park Avenue, naturally aspirated and, long story short, I replaced the upper plastic intake and gasket hoping that would help my rough idle and low power problem.

Upon finishing the repair, and I had borrowed and DTC scanner from a friend and was setting it up and for testing the model and year I have. The engine had been running, though not noticeably better then before my repair, and had warmed up when it chugged a bit and quickly died.

I knew a vacuum line had gone bad on the fuel pressure regulator and evap control and had done a temporary fix just to get it going to test. I figured that was the problem as my fix did go out, but upon replacement of that and the evap and fuel regulator the engine will crank but will not fire. I finally finished connecting my borrowed scanner and it through a WHOPPING 40 DTC codes at me!

Needless to say I'm a bit overwhelmed on where to start. It seems that if I have so many codes it probably one big component that's causing the issue. At least that's the hope.

Here are the codes that came up for me.

po101, po102, po103, po108, po112, po113, po121, po125, po131, po132, po133, po134, po135, po137, po138, po140, po141, po171, po172, po201, po202, po203, po204, po205, po206, po300, po325, po327, po332, po336, po341, po401, po404, po420, po440, po442, po446, po502, po503, po506.

Now unfortunately, I did not have a test to compare to before I had this issue, but this seems like an obscene amount of codes.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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