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Elevation and Track Conditions

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My PB is 14.91 at 90.96 with a 2.22 60'

I've only been to the track once.
Removed the floormats,headlight, sparetire and jack.
Didn't adjust wheel pressure and had a full tank of gas.

I ran with the traction control on, because I turned it off and smoked the tires to a 16.45

I ran in Odessa, Texas at 3000ft elevation and the track is crappy (like a paved alley).

Do ya'll have any advice to help improve my times, and how much difference would the elevation and track conditions make?
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well... are you getting any kr?

i believe there is plenty to gain in your launch.. take it easy off the line and roll into the peddle... you want zero tire spin.. once it brakes lose its all over.

also lowering your front tires a little and much less in the gas tank along with race gas or torco would probably help quite a bit also
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