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I've been having a trans. problem for a long time now.

It first started as it not shifting into 4th.
I got my first code coming up as TCC stuck on.
From the recomendations of Big Jeff and my local tranny guy, I replaced the torque converter and the TCC solenoid.

The problem then changed to what seemed the torque converter locking, then slipping and dis-engaging and doing it again.
It wouldn't happen all the time but some days it was real annoying driving the car especially over long distances.
I also noticed that sometimes the shifts would be hard and crisp, then at times it would be a soft sloppy shift.

I finally got another DTC just recently which is P1811 which is "Maximum adapt and long shift"
From what my research tells me... this is likely due to the PCS (pressure control solenoid) but it also mentions bad valve body.

Would me replacing the valve body and the PCS basically guarantee a fix?
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