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Drive by Wire Throttle Body->Drive by Cable Conversion

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I need y'alls assistance please! I have a 1999 Camaro which currently has a 3.8 engine. I have another built 3.8 that I'm dropping in the Camaro that came from a 1997 Buick Park Avenue Ultra. On this built engine, I'm trying my best to convert my Camaro from a drive by wire throttle body to the more traditional drive by cable that the 1997 built engine has. I know that on 1997 Camaro's they have a drive by cable setup on the 3.8. And obviously in 1999 Camaro 3.8's it's a drive by wire. I know that those 2 years have different computers as well. Here's where I'm at: Currently I have the 1999 Camaro engine wiring harness that came factory on my Camaro(which has 3 in line connectors under the hood). BUT I also have a 1997 Camaro 3.8 engine wiring harness on my parts shelf which is already set up for a drive by cable throttle body(which has 2 in line connectors under the hood). And I also have a engine wiring harness from a 1997 Buick Park Avenue Ultra. The harness that is on the car that connects to the in line engine harness, goes to headlights, & runs to the inside of the car it has 3 in line connectors. What EXACT rewiring &/or engine harness do I need to use to make this a drive by cable car & make the in line connectors match up & get it away from the stupid & restricting drive by wire? Do I need the harness from another '97 Camaro that contains the other sides of the in line connectors & goes to the headlights and all that so they might match? Or is there a much better simpler way??? Price doesn't matter to me on this. I just simply want to make this conversion work! Any & ALL info would be great guys!
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I know it's been quite a while since you made this post. I was wondering if you ever got anywhere with this project? Thank you.
Easiest method would be use a 1998 PCM (cable TB, better hardware like 99) and get the pin-outs for both 98 and 99 computers, to make sure you have everything still routed properly. Swapping the pedal from a junkyard pedal for a cable TB should be simple (V8 cars always kept cable thru 2002). Just need to remove/repurpose the TB motor wires to be IAC and TPS wires, and run cable. Adding cruise is also possible, depending on what time you want to put in.
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