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If you have moved your house or office in the past, then I am sure you know what it takes to relocate all your goods safely and on your own. No need to mention, that moving is a complicated and time taking project. I don’t call moving as a task, I rather consider this as a process based project for it involves several tasks such as
• Sourcing packing materials
• Disassembling goods
• Packing everything safely
• Loading and unloading
• Arranging trucks for moving
• Insuring your move
And the list goes on.
Obviously it requires plenty of planning, coordination and near perfect execution of each of these tasks, to get it right.
If there is a do it yourself move coming up and you are looking for the best DIY moving tips and checklist to track and manage each of the tasks easily and effectively, then continue reading this post.
Today in this post, I am sharing the most amazing and effective do it yourself moving tips along with an easy to track moving checklist that can help you to manage and track each of the the tasks easily and effectively.
DIY moving tips and checklist to manage your move easily
Moving a standard furnished two or three bedroom, hall, kitchen house is no easy task, especially when you think of doing it on your own. But, when you are up for the challenge and willing to plan and manage everything in the right way, then it’s not impossible either.
The reason why I generally advise to avoid do it yourself move is because of the complexities of the process. But, if you are willing to put in the efforts, then do it yourself move can be really beneficial as you have good control over the process.
Now that you have read so far, I am sure you want to try do-it-yourself moving. But, you should plan and manage everything correctly and the moving tips and the checklist I am sharing below can be seriously beneficial for you in managing everything perfectly.
These do it yourself moving tips can actually act as a move checklist and you can tick off each of the task as you sort it out.
So, are you ready?
Here we go.
Sort out Items
One of the most important things to do while moving on your own is to know what to move and what to discard. You house may be filled with hundreds of small and big items, but that does not mean you need to move it all.
So walk through each of the rooms and make a good list of items that you want to move, and another list for items that is to be discarded, donated or sold out.
Discard, donate and sell
Once you have sorted the household items, you need to get rid of those goods that you don’t need. Selling, donating or recycling may take time and hence, you should take up this task early. You can donate to charities and non-profit organizations and if you intend to sell, then you have to list those goods online or do garage sale and even ask your colleagues if they need some of those goods.
Arrange packing supplies
Now back to moving, you will require good quality packing supplies to pack your goods. Obviously you have to make a rough estimate and accordingly source or arrange packing materials. You can buy some, get some for free and also use the original packing boxes (especially for the home and kitchen appliances) that you may have.
Start packing
Packing is a time taking task, and therefore you should not go for packing the entire house all at once. The best way to pack everything without any hassles and stress is to make packing schedule and pack over a period like in a week or so.
Pack strategically
Now that you have a packing schedule to pack all the goods, it is important to pack strategically. The best way to pack for safe and secured do it yourself moving is to pack one room at a time, and use plenty of cushioning while packing your goods for extra protection. Also while packing, make sure to pack similar items together and avoid mixing things.
Label each of the boxes
While packing is crucial, proper labeling can be a life saver at the time of unpacking. And therefore, you should label each of the boxes you are packing carefully. The best tag you can use while labeling boxes is to mention
• Room name
• Type of items
• Handle with care
• Which side to keep up
• Avoid hooks
Pack an essential box
While packing general household goods is okay, you got to pack a couple essential survival boxes which should contain crucial and important items that you intend to carry with yourself. Items like first aid kit, daily medicines, snacks, torch, charger, candle, Swiss knife etc should be pack separately.
There should be another bag containing important documents, keys, jewellery etc. and you should not send it through transport, rather carry it with you.
Arrange truck or transportation
While you are packing your goods, you should get clear idea of the size of truck you may need to transport your goods. The best is to contact a man and van company so that you don’t have to look for labors separately. Making transportation arrangement may take time, so start looking for a cost effective transporter when you have time in hand.
Insure your move
This is seriously important and can’t be ignored, especially when you are moving on your own. So once you are through with basic packing and moving related tasks, you should visit an insurer and get your move insured.
Make travel arrangements
Unless you are planning to drive down, you have to make travel arrangement for your family. So book the tickets in advance to avoid shortage and last minutes increased ticket rates. Whatever works for you, do accordingly, but make travel arrangements for your family.
Over to you
Moving becomes even more difficult when you choose to do it yourself, and you have no prior experience of moving and relocating on your own. But thankfully, there are easy ways to do it right, and I have already shared a few of them above in the form of a self moving checklist. And I am sure, if you manage and track these important activities correctly, then it’s going to take many of the common self moving hassles, out of your move.
Have you managed to pull off a do-it-yourself household moving successfully?
What else do you think one should manage and track to get right?
Share your tips and self move tips by commenting below.
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