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Well, ages ago I wanted to keep a stock cam and get into the 11's... just to say it was done.

Well, toss that out the window, time for a cam!

The SLP 1.8's were great with the stock cam but with previous suggestions I was informed it may be the best bet to ditch the 1.8's and get a healthy cam

I was reading up on Wes Blair's very impressive ride and times. I noticed he runs the stage 2 cam

CAM-362 - INTENSE™ Stage 2 Normally Aspirated Cam, duration @ .050": 222º/224º, lobe lifts: .337"/.327", valve lifts with 1.60:1 rocker arms: .539"/.523", lobe separation angle: 112º, intake centerline: 108º

1) I know I couldn't reuse the 1.8 roller rockers so does anyone have suggestions to compliement this cam or go back to stock?

2) I have the 105 springs and titanium retainers, I can reuse those right?

3) I see a timing chain is recommended, single or double? Single seems easier

4) High Perf pushrods recommended;
A - were the SLP ones that came with the 1.8's fine or no
B - for the oil restricted versions I can not run comp cam lifters but I could get the light weight versions because the comp cam lifters are worth it over stock correct when doing a cam swap?

5) Stage 2 would set off the SES light. I currently have HP tuning through Texas Speed & Perf so tuning can be addressed. Any other issues I may need to have addressed?

6) comp cam lifters are a good thing while in there?

I looked at the nitrous/ boost cam but maybe the n/a might work out better for me?

12.1 & 110 on the bottle
13.9 & 96 N/A
The car weighs 2900 w/o driver
Race weight w/ driver 3080
Winter break: 60-100 more pounds gone
I run a 3200 stall converter
I run weeney 3:23's but they are needed for the nitrous
The heads n intake are extensively ported but not flow tested

I hate to make speculations on what the car would run..... but, can you make a guess?

Any assistance would be MUCH appreciated. Sorry for such a long post w/ many questions.

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I am pretty sure the pushrods that came with the slp rockers are a different length(not positive), so they wouldnt work. I would put comp cam lifters and there pushrods. That cam will have a nasty idle, but should give great results. :)

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1) 1.6 Gen3 Adj. rollers (if the pr's you have now are different lengths you may be able to use them with these)
2) yes
3)I reused my stocker. Not recommended, but it was like new with no additional play and the tensioner had very little wear on it. So I guess you would be fine with the single.
4) A- dont know
B- Im running the comp lifters and comp hi strength pr's
5) You should be good to go. If you can get a dyno tune to match the cam it would be good. Richening the problem areas, etc.
6) YES
Im running the S2 myself and it pulls like a beast from 3500-6500 rpm's. I may be haeding to the FI side so I may try a VS cam with it or maybe a S2 turbo cam if they have one.
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