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What do you guys make of this log -----> http://www.tristategm.com/nymcgp/member/ArcAngel Folder/12.67.csv

This is for my 12.67 @ 108 mph w/ 1.81 60' which was run after swapping out injectors with new 42.5lb injectors.... I have never had KR problems like this,,, the car seemed to bog down alot at the shift points, and on the way home, I noticed that my tranny is slipping into second gear........
I shouldn't complain, as my tranny has 153,000 miles, and is completely stock....


Stock Heads
VS Cam
2.8 pulley
Custom Northstar TB
DHP v. 1.0
42.5lb injectors

Current problems:

- DHP doesn't have ls6 maf tables, nor will it let me advance timing

- I need higher shift points

- bottleneck at the the s/c inlet (still stock)

- Ported heads are in the works
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