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Crank, No Fire, No Start Situation

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2005 Grand Prix GT, Series III.
Recently the car would randomly die while driving,
but then fire right back up and keep driving.
Now it won’t start at all, and when you let off on the key,
the starter keeps running for about two seconds and then cuts off.
I suspect the ECM is cutting it off, but not sure.
I thought it was a faulty ignition switch so I replaced it, didn't fix it, part returned.
Tried starting fluid and it fired slightly, so I thought maybe bad fuel pump.
Pump primes when key is turned on, and I disconnected the fuel line to
see if it's pumping gas, which it is, so I don't think it's a fuel delivery issue.
So basically, it cranks, starter wants to keep cranking, and it won't fire or start.
Maybe I have two different problems?
Anybody familiar with this situation?
Thanks in advance!
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Sounds like you have a bad crank shaft sensor
Sounds like you have a bad crank shaft sensor
Funny, that's exactly what I'm trying to replace right now,
however I can't get the bolt loose on the crank pulley.
Got it off by bumping the engine with a
breaker bar wedged up against the frame.
That worked surprisingly well.
Will report back soon whether or not that was the problem.
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