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I have a oversized rad. a 160 degree t-stat, and the fans come on at 182degrees.
Now my problem lies in that I've filled up my coolant to the top. Ran the car till the t stat opened and topped it off. Now, I'll drive around and the temp will stay around 160-170 degrees. But, out of nowhere the temp will shoot up to 200+. The coolant actually overheated lastnight. Weird thing is......the rad. wasn't that hot. I took off the cap and the coolant was low AGAIN!!
Does this see like a stuck t-stat? My oil is clean and the spark plugs look fine.
OH! and if I take the cap off while the car is running and the coolant is low....all of a sudden (I think the Tstat opens) coolant will REALLY flow out of the rad. cap opening.
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