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I have a few things for sale. Pics are available for everything upon request.

1 set coils ~2k miles $35
1 set coils ~35k miles $20
ICM ~2k miles $50
99 air box no f-duct w/ newer paper filter $30
L67 accessory tensioner (the one with coolant lines thru it) 8k miles LOOKS NEW $50

stock exhaust tips $10
L67 timing cover $25
GT engine cover $25
stock Down Pipe-cut off before cat $20
GTP guage cluster 55k miles $50
Front rotors $50
all door switches from a 4dr $????
heat seat switch w/ cover $15

LMK-I have a few other parts sitting around and will be moving to out of my home soon so I need to get some of this out of the way.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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