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Afternoon guys. I just finished replacing my lower /upper intake gaskets in my 2003 buick lesabre because I had coolant leaking into my oil and the car was overheating.

I'm an inexperienced mechanic and this is pretty much my first major repair.

During this ordeal I might have hit on a couple no nos, one being I didn't re-install a couple of bolts in the corners of the intake manifold, didn't reinstall all bolts back into throttle body. I also deleted the EGR by putting rtv on nickels onto the intake and egr where the stove pipe would go because I broke it during install.

I alsp used RTV on the plastic gasket for the lower intake manifold. Lots of it. I did make sure to clean and prep all surfaces for the new gaskets.

I was trying to determine if the car would start, period, then I was going to bolt the remaining few bolts back in.

Now the car wont start at all, just stumbles, so I pulled the plenum back off, and I'm back to looking at a flooded upper intake. What gives?

Did my little mistakes cost me?
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Honestly I have noo idea what's going on at this point so if anyone can shed some insight that'd be great.
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I have attached another picture of what looks like a larger puddle under the hose that goes into the upper plenum, but I thought that was just a vacuum hose. Does coolant go through that and could it be the culprit for my leak?
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