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ok so i bought a Chevy lumina ltz w a 3800 s2 n/a .....
drove it for a good 5-10 g miles, then it started running like balls,....
finally the engine locked up but i never had the initiative to figure out why, it was reason enough to buy a 3800 series 2 s/c engine out of a 98 buick regal gs XD

so aside from the intro i now have a lumina with a supercharged l67
...... i had the car running for one day after the swap was done and it wont start anymore....

now the starter wires came loose(never tightened the nuts, my bad) but when i bolted them back on and made sure it was all tight.... the car wouldnt start again.. i changed the ignition switch.... didnt do anything, i know there is a fuseable link wire on the starter that would fry in event of overload,...... but before i go changing anything else i reallly really need some advice as to what could have happened..... please

(i checked all the fuses, all the relays, the pcm doesnt come on at all(no check engine light), no interior lights, no radio, but when i turn the key to start it will turn over and run, but once i disengage the starter and place it back into on position it dies, do u think i fried the pcm?)
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