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Hello there! My name is Camarobrat01 . I currently own 3 Camaro 3.8 series 2 cars. All of them have issues with, ( Im starting to think its their owner.), however . One is a 2001 automatic, the other two are 2000 an automatic and a 5spd. The 5spd is the one I drive. I have owned it for about 10 months now. Well I have always noticed since I bought it that when I take off and the rpms get high between gears that theres a fast tapping sound almost like something is touching the fan. But when the rpms go down as I shift the sound goes away. So I never thought anything of it. Well leaving work about 3 weeks ago I took off quick and shifted late and the sound come back. well i have a loud exhaust and stereo so i didnt hear that it didnt go away. I drove home about 25 min and then when I turned my stereo down i could hear the tapping, so I killed it. Checked the oil it apeared low so i added oil to it. The sound didnt go away. I didnt drive it any more. The next morning I cranked it up, no noise. So I left for work and about a mile down the road it come back. It only does it when the engine warms up not when its cold. I thought I spun a bearing so I got new ones and tore the bottom of the engine apart sure enough the #3 was spun. All of them needed replaced for one reason or another so i done that put it back together and it didnt fix it,WTH? I have been told it could be the timing chain, some say its the water pump, I just dont know. I do know that the noise is still there even with the belt off. It doeesnt run hot, and the oil pressure is great, all the lifters are fine as well. Can SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHATS WRONG WITH MY CAR?😭😭
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