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I'm not to sure what I have here cam came out of a supposedly fully built motor. It was a 98 GTP with 5th gen supercharger and 2.55 pulley with intercooler for 3in exhaust all kinds of goodies just cannot find anything on this cam can anyone help please? From what I can make of the numbers on it it's 1 3299A I have not been able to find any information on it. Really hoping someone might know if it's stock or not.

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Appears to be a stock cam, by my guess. I recall seeing that machining style before, but don't have any stock ones around to check. Someone else may have another pic to post up, and you can also measure with calipers to get an idea of the numbers.

My Intense Stg3 turbo cam (Cam Motion) looks like this on the end:

ZZP VS & X-P cams (and their other Comp Cams I've seen, including my X-P and ST5) look like this on the end:

(2009 cell phone pic of one I installed)


(VS from another forum post)


(X-P from another forum post)
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