Sadly my top swapped 2003 Monte interior caught fire on Sunday. Parting out the engine.

SLP ceramic headers $400
SLP Loudmouth exhaust (some damage) $250
ZZP short stack intercooler $
YT 1.7 rollers $300
Smith Bros pushrods $80
Intense stage 2 blower cam $250
Comp Cams OE-R lifters $100
Comp Cams 125lb springs $100
Meziere HD water pump (if it survived) $200

Other items might still be salvageable as well.
Blower got cooked on top pretty bad, likely NFG.
Rear valve cover never burnt through so internals should all be totally fine.

Shipping available at your cost. All prices fair.
All prices in Canadian dollars.

this setup ran 12.47 without the nitrous. 12.2 with the spray on a 75 shot, a 150 shot was gonna happen this year to go sub 12's for sure.