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Hey all,

Grabbed the HUD setup from this GTP and gonna try and hodge podge something together to try and make it work in my 98 Regal GS just for giggles. I also have an 89 Reatta with an OG gen I 3800 in it, do you think that the

HUD could work if I patched it into the Reatta's wiring somehow make it work? just really need the VSS signal right? The Reatta is digital/computerized everything, so I think I could prob get it to work if the series 1 vss signal is the same as the series II. Gonna think about that... I also grabbed the Digital info centre display. What are the chances I can get that to work with just the boost gauge? Anyone?

Anyways, the interior in the GPGTP is black leather and in good shape, I believe that it is a direct bolt in and an easy swap, is it? Back seat too - both cars are 4dr and leather.? I like that it is Black, as my GS is all black out with lt grey in. I think Black seats with a grey interior would look pretty neat 2 tone like that. I also like the rear slightly more bucket style of the GTP vs the bench rear seats of the regal better. Gonna go and snap some pics today and see what they will charge me for the setup. I heard the 04+ seats in the 'gtp are way better, but who knows if and when I would come across one of those in there.

UPDATE: Went in today, They had a 06 G8 GTP with 2 tone black and grey leather that would look perfect in the GS. Apparently these should fit. I know there may be wiring issues, no problem for me. How about the track? What about the rear seat? I don't know if they are same or not. I took a few pics:

These are the GTP seats from the G8GTP. Will they work in my 98 GS? If I got the track and everything?

These are the seats From the 01 GPGTP They are in good shape too, but the G8 seats are nicer and more comfy.

I diidn't get a full pic of the back seats on the G8 rear seats, but I know that they are different. I wonder if I took the bottom track and all the mounting hardware, I could install it somehow to make it fit properly...

And here is the 01 GPGTP rear seats: will these fit no probs?

Here's one more of the GPGTP fronts

What do you think my best bet would be? I am leaning towards the Newer fronts from the G8 in the front, and gonna try for the rear. If not then may take the older GPGTP rear seats. They wouldn't be too far off as a match, but the G* seats are so sexy two tone like that and the embroidered GTP logo is pretty cool. The rears also match the GTP logo too.

Ugh what to dooooo...lol

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