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Balance shaft question

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Question on the balance shaft in our engines :)

Its there to help with cancelling vibrations obviously but how much is it there for to promote smooth idling, due to the firing order or just in general?
By comparison, how much would the balance shaft really help with higher rpm vibration cancellation?

I know a few here run without it on a stock motor and a few at ZZP do as well.

Basically can it be removed with only low rpm vibs of concern. Thoughts?
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I would suspect you'll see more vibration period although it will be greater is certain rpm bands. I would also say that just becuase your not feeling the vibration doesn't mean it isn't there. I would like somone to give mil's of displacment at the crank before and after but I would think there would be a noticable difference. This would mean you'll have premature bearing wear. How much? who knows without testing. Will it reduce bearing life from 600000 miles to 400000 miles? Noone knows.
It is recommended to balance the engine if the balance shaft is removed, and I recommend removing it if you are going for performance. This should be done by a quality machine shop. It means that all of the engine parts are checked for the proper specified clearances and dimensions. Then, all of the moving pats are weighed and balanced. Each set of pistons and connecting rods will weigh the same. The rotating parts, as a unit, are all balanced together. This will allow your engine to rev higher and more freely. There will be less wear on the parts. This is very important, especially if a new cam is being considered.

Wear will be amplified in a performance engine running at higher RPMs. You will have vibration at different RPM ranges all the way through the band. The vibration may not be felt much at higher RPMs, but damage will occur. I personally don't believe in doing performance mods without doing things completely and correctly.

The balance shaft in our engines primarily helps cancel low RPM vibrations. It wouldn't make too much difference just removing it from a stock engine, but with performance modifications and higher RPM shift points, the need to correct balance increases.
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