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AWD 3800 engine swap? BLAZER THREAD

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I have been working a bit on my blazer. Here is a brief overveiw of what I have done so far, including where its been

Backstory; this is a 1991 4 door 4 wheel drive chevy blazer. It has 203,000 miles on the original 4.3 and trans. I bought this truck from a friend of mine, for the grand sum of 300 dollars + a set of sony 6x9's 3 years ago. I drove this truck to college everyday, and to work down in troy for a couple months before I bought my cobalt.

It had a 2 inch lift front and back, and it was a DD for along time, and spent alot of time on the trails. This is not a pretty truck.


last fall I was driving to a paintball game and lost 3rd and 4rth gear. Trans was toast. I bought a new one off craigslist and started to put it in. For some reason I stopped and started thinking...

I have a typhoon that I drag race and autox. I love that truck, but its too nice to really tear up. Its fast, and it handles well, but I can't justify tearing the leather out of it, or cutting it up, or risk hitting anything beside autox cones with it.

long story short I bought a 01 gtp that had be wreaked on the front corner for 565 dollars. I took the motor and the wiring harness and sold off the rest of the car to make my money back. I traded the shell to a yard in trade for a 700R4 out of a 2.8 4x4 blazer. This is not an easy trans to find, it will bolt directly up to a 3800, and to a 4x4 (or awd) transfer case. I bought a BW 4472 awd transfer case off of a friend of mine, the case came out of a totaled typhoon.

other parts, I have everything I need to lower the truck, and most of the stuff to build the motor. I havn't decided on a converter yet, and it still has a long way to go. So far I own a turbosmart wastegate, a 76mm turbonetics turbo (I think the ex a/r is 81) stage 5 statama turbo cam, most the gaskets I'm going to need, plx wideband, and most the gauges.

I had to set the motor back pretty far to clear the front diff, and I am using an oil pan out of a camaro to help with the clearance (and oil slosh issues) here are some pics of the build so far.

http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll176/Bmfbbmfb/Hot ****/DSCN1706.jpg

http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll176/Bmfbbmfb/Hot ****/DSCN1714.jpg

http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll176/Bmfbbmfb/Hot ****/DSCN1738.jpg

http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll176/Bmfbbmfb/Hot ****/DSCN1737.jpg

http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll176/Bmfbbmfb/Hot ****/DSCN1717.jpg

Trans cross member I had to make, tricky to clear the tcase, trans pan, front prop shaft, and torsion bars

http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll176/Bmfbbmfb/Hot ****/DSCN1731.jpg

http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll176/Bmfbbmfb/Hot ****/DSCN1722.jpg

http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll176/Bmfbbmfb/Hot ****/DSCN1723.jpg

I'm dropping the heads off at my machine shop tomorrow to get them milled for the cometics, while they're out I want to swap the cam out and clean up what I can, as well as figure out where I am going to get an oil supply for the turbo. after that I can get the motor back in and start fabbing the headers and such and start working on the fuel system.

Fuel system is planned to work off the stock pump location. syty vendors have a kit to run 2 stock style pumps off the sender, so I am going to use that as well as a piggyback wiring harness to supply the power. I am goign to buy 2 of the deatschwerks fuel pumps as well as their 105lb injectors. I have to run new line and such, but I believe I can run the factory s/c fuel rail over the camaro intake and it will flow enough to keep it happy. First truck I've built to run E-85. Hopefulyl you guys don't hate it because its not a grand prix...

also I can't seem to get the IMG thing to work to put pics directly into teh thread, any advice on that would also be helpfull.
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wow it has been a long time since I have updated this thing. Here is a link to another website where I have some more pics of whats been going on

I've been doing a few updates, and generally fixing things as they break. did a few ice races, results and video included in this link

Turbo 3800 blazer - SyTy/SGT - Forums

for what I did for engine mounts I have it in that same thread, second page
Turbo 3800 blazer - Page 12 - SyTy/SGT - Forums

I basically made my own from scratch. A project like this requires it. If your going 2wd it might not be so bad. for AWD/4x4 its a pain because of the front diff.
Good stuff. Another reason you couldn't outrun those Rav4s probably is they have much less power. With that little power, it's much easier to put down on a slick surface. I could hear you peddling every time the turbo tried to spool, heh. Better tires will help though. Still can't wait to see this thing do a pull on dry pavement and wake that turbo up some. Makes me wish I had the cash to get more parts for my turbo Stratus build.
so my 4.3 trans will not work for this? Also did ya look at the 2.8-3.8 frame mounts and the sbc swap mounts for easier install?

Also can ya get me some pics a little better of ya mounts
61 - 63 of 63 Posts
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