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To our fellow enthusiasts from Australia, New Zealand, and the surrounding area,

What sort of links do you think would be proper for us to have in our "recommended sites" area? Are there any popular 3800 Holden related sites that we can add? Or 3800 sites in general?

Also, are there any categories you would like to see added or edited to make our forum friendlier for the southern hemisphere enthusiasts?

You will have to forgive our ignorance on these subjects, but we simply do not know a lot about the southern-earth applications of the 3800. We are very excited to have you here, and would like to grow the relationship between North American and Southern enthusiasts.

Thanks for your input!


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Just like to say a quick hello from the land of Oz, where we have been watching your awesome build-ups over time and drooling over the results.

We are a few light years behind you guys down here in Oz as our market for this engine is a lot smaller than yours and therefore progress happens slowly, but we're getting there.

You Intense L67 owners are an inspiration to us ... and when we grown up we want to be just like you :D !!

Great Website and Great Forum ... hat's off to all involved.


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