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audio question

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hey guys. i was wondering if its an easy procedure to install an amp ONLY on my car? i have bose speakers but they sound horrible. the emerson i had in my previous car (98gpgt) sounded WAY better. my bose speakers you can hear a pop every once in awhile when i turn the volume up and the sound quality is horrible and i have an equalizer so im not sure what the problem is. anyways, im wondering how hard it is to just screw it upside down in the trunk where the speakers are located and just wire it to the speakers and still be able to use my steering wheel controls? my stereo is stock except for the amp that i want to install cause my car is really loud. any info is appreciated.
thx and happy holiday
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I installed a double Dl N JVC head unit in mine. They make some nice conservative looking units. You can also get a module to use steering wheel controls for the JVC unit.
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