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As mid engine.

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I have a 98 Bonneville SSEi with the supercharged 3.8, hit in the rear of the car, with about 70K miles on it. IT hasn't ran for years and tank is gone.

I want to use it as a mid-engine, like in a 914 Porsche. I have not found a roller and am now thinking of doing it to a VW bug, literally cutting it in half, using the engine tranny cradle and making a swing arm suspension, using the Bonneville hubs and brakes that resembles the 914 geometry. I would then use the Bonneville front suspension and could add electric drive front when ready, using splined hubs and driveshafts.

Have you seen the 3.8 used as a mid-engine, including tranny? Would you get it running in the Bonneville, prior to hacking the car into parts? Seems saving computer is a must and the ABS should work if I use the brakes with sensors.

Comments....ideas? Thanks Toby
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It is VERY common to drop 3800's into the back of Fiero's for a great project car. The engine will be fine with just the harness/pcm/fuse block from the donor car, and the rest of your project is yours to figure out, since it'd be very one-off attempts at integrating those parts.

Look up details on Fiero swaps, and you should be able to see the extent to which wiring is laid out. I might have some pics when I overhauled a setup for someone ~15yrs ago...

BEFORE & AFTER streamlining the necessary wires (manual trans)
Electrical wiring Gas Cable Wire Electrical supply

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As Dave said.. If you want a 3800 in the back, buy a Fiero . Makes far more sense and looks pretty cool as well!
While Fiero's are a solid choice, I enjoy seeing the different projects. A person shared their Porsche swap a year or so back, and it was pretty slick. A VW might be kinda cool, too, just for the uniqueness.
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