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2005 Pontiac Grand Prix 3800 v6 Series 3

I purchased this car to teach my self a little bit and I was hoping through OBDII screenshots and a little elaboration I'd be able to get a little push in the right direction to get it drivable again.

Screenshots will be attached below.

I've pulled the fuel rail cleaned the fuel rail and injectors, I've changed the oil, coolant, and gas cap.

I believe my thermostat is stuck open and is easily replaced.

At idle the car is a very rough idle. When car is placed into driver and gas is applied the car slowly starts rolling and then begins lurching and feeling as if I'm trying to drive through molasses.



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Tough one, but we can only suggest so much from afar. Anything from clogged cat, fuel pump sock (no real filters on 04+ GP's), significant vac leak being induced by something cracked or failing (vac lines, EGR/EVAP/gaskets, etc.), or a wiring issue that may be a pain to track down a wire break or corrosion issue.

Troubleshooting is a very involved process when the fix isn't too obvious, unfortunately, but with a methodical approach, you can save yourself from buying 47 different things before doing the proper hunting for the 1-2 things actually causing issues.
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